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About Us


AstA, the alumnae association of St Teresa's College Ernakulam, has been undergoing periodical changes over the past several years.

The name AstA has three meanings - Tree, Star-like, Love. All the three typically describe a Teresian. Our logo that has the college emblem inside a circle of happy dancing alumnae, rightfully defines our motto - Together Forever - meaning all the alumnae are together in our endeavours and we go hand in hand with the college forever.

  • AstA, originally known as the 'Old Students Association' (OSA), was formed by a group of enthusiastic and enterprising former students of the late 60s and early70s. Their group efforts brought in the synergy and ignited the move. The Annual Sale in December which is an ongoing glorious fund raising event, was introduced by the OSA. Annual meets with fun filled games and entertainment, picnics and many other exciting activities were organised by the OSA to keep alive the true spirit of Teresians amidst life's turmoils.

  • The OSA later branched into a Kottayam Chapter for a few years. The vibrant group there met every three months, organised many exciting programs and participated in the annual meet with vigour and colour. The trips from Kottayam to Ernakulam to celebrate Onam and other programmes were more like college excursions which helped everyone to re-live college days.

  • Later the alumnae of 1983 batch took over the helm as part of their Silver Jubilee celebrations. They formed a close knit group and concentrated mainly on charity activities and scholarships that helped in deriving joy and spreading happiness.

  • The slow progress took a leap when the OSA was revived in 2010 as 'Alumnae' with many more members from different decades. In 2013, a set of procedures, processes and plans with foresight and vision were worked out in order to make it more active and ongoing. The name AstA, a separate website, formation of a by-law and current activities are a result of this effort.

  • Current Status

    The alumnae association (AstA) is now a vibrant body that aims to keep alive in the hearts of alumnae, the memories of 'student life', the ideals, values and bonding imbibed during that period. It also helps the College to remember its ambassadors who are spread across the globe. In order to share its positive impact, the association puts forth activities that promote the social, cultural and varied interests of theformer students of the college. The association works closely with the college faculty contributing towards the all-round growth and development of the College and its students, with a view to improve the social fabric of society.

    The AstA Annual Meet falls on the second Saturday of August each year. The office bearers and a committee consisting of elected Alumnae and nominated Staff of the College serve for a term of two years. The committee meets regularlyand organises the alumnae activities that occur throughout the term, which includes celebration of important festivals.


    All former students are encouraged to register as an alumnae member through this site in order to obtain a login id. After registration, a life time membership that has several benefits may be obtained by paying a one time membership fee. An ID card will be issued to all life members. Specific details of life membership and feedback forms are available in the respective banner on the portal. For all queries please use the AstA email ( Any clarification regarding transfer of funds should be addressed to the treasurer/ joint treasurer.

  • With a view to encourage women's entrepreneurship, to foster fellowship and continue contact with the College, AstAconducts an Annual Christmas Sale in the first week of December. The College provides the Teresian entrepreneurs a venue within the campus, to display and sell their products. This has been a major fund raising event and a grand success year after year.

  • The Onam festival is mostly celebrated with the less privileged (either young or old). The alumnae entertains them with traditional festive cultural activities that include flower carpet, thiruvathirakali, folk songs, skit, mono act and a sumptuous sadya and gifts.
  • A food fest in connection with the AstA Annual Meet was introduced in July 2014.
  • When a woman is educated and groomed the entire world around her is also benefited.With this in mind the alumnae aims to participate in providing guidance and counselling to current students which will enable themto be ethically strong, socially aware, morally upright and intellectually balanced.
  • Social Responsibility

  • Our contribution towards social responsibility include monthly medical aid to Aids patients, weekly meals to needy patients in government hospitals, sponsorship of intercollegiate debate competition, scholarships etc.
  • Alumnae members who wish to make financial contributions towards specific causes in connection with special occasions (eg. Donate towards a poor girls marriage on the occasion of your own sons or daughters wedding; as part of your 50th anniversary celebrations; offer a year's fees to an orphan child when your child graduates or gets a job or any such) may contact the Treasurer/Joint Treasurer with details. These funds will be utilised only for the specific purpose for which it is donated. You will be informed of the disbursement of these special funds personally and through the web-site.
  • Our dream project of providing a 'buggy' (battery operated shuttle car) to transport physically challenged and incapacitated passengers along railway platforms, without any charges has been a great success. The Treasurer/ Joint Treasurer may be contacted for all queries regarding fund transfer for any projects.
  • We share our knowledge and wisdom with our Alma Mater and st rive to keep alive the 'child' in each of us and spread the joy and glory of womanhood!